Quality or Quantity: The Problem of Democracy

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The True Left

From the so-called “Enlightenment” onwards, democracy has become an increasingly common form of governance, to the extent that almost all present-day regimes are democracies of some sort. The supporters of democracy laud its triumphs as marks of human progress toward equality and a fair world. Unfortunately this mistaken view of democracy has corrupted the Left, to the extent that support for democracy is the cornerstone of most False Left ideologies and the idealistic leftists they fool.

In reality, the advent of democracy has meant little for ending the daily violence faced by humans, sentient beings, and the environment as a whole. In reality, not only has violence increased, but it has become more difficult to spot due to simple yet thorough brainwashing of the masses through ridiculous yet effective abstracts mottos (e.g. majority rights”, “free speech”, etc.). And, for the most part, increased violence has not been used…

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